黑暗勢力將下台10 Cimi, 19 Xul, 8 ManikDratzo! We return with more to say about your world and its divine transformation. As Gaia moves ever closer to altering your surface reality, the Agarthans are using their abilities to prevent the dark from having any hope of mounting a comeback. Right now the Agarthans have teamed up with our Earth allies and a general plan has been put into effect, the first part of which was the dismantling of the vast network of underground and deep underwater bases maintained for decades by various secret governments. This major military action has now been achieved. The dark has lost tens of thousands of vital personnel and is denied the services of most of its exotic research scientists and technicians. Despite this, it was not until the recent arrests of mid-level personnel that the illuminoids became really panicked; they now know that their own arrest is near. Those who have for so long 'managed' your world see the time is rapidly approaching when each of them must face the large crowds of angry citizens they once so arrogantly manipulated. And the roundup strategy does indeed include these 'kings of darkness.' The legal enforcement agencies of your world are 澎湖民宿currently readying legal writs pursuant to arresting thousands of individuals most closely associated with the dark minions' pernicious schemes. These schemes involved the devastation of your globe and the reduction of your world's peoples by nearly 90%. These myriad crimes against humanity, compiled in great detail together with tens of thousands of witnesses cited in these documents, form the legal groundwork for these mass detentions, which will be carried out in the very near future. Once done, trials similar to those of Nuremberg will begin. These are to be televised. Justice must be seen to be done, and become transparent and equitable for all. Further, the full extent of what has taken place over the past few decades needs to be made public and this requires special handling: it is one thing to simply show the horrors of the dark's activities, and quite another to do so in the context of explaining to humanity just how much each of you were manipulated by the Annunaki and their Earth-minions. This is to be a karma-clearing event, which will prepare you for the exposition of your true Earth history and set the stage for events that will return you to Gaia's good graces. For millennia 花蓮民宿you have been deceived by the dark. The Anunnaki and their dark Earth-minions found it very easy to manipulate you; for example, by deviously appealing to your love of fairness and to your general need for good and brave leadership. The result was unending wars, hate campaigns, and the development of 'religions' designed to keep war and hate in play. This carefully tuned strategy has worked like a charm to keep these dark minions in power. Now the time has come to break this cycle and found a reality based on truth and, most of all, divine Love. You have a natural, deep caring for each other and a predisposition for coming together to solve your communities' problems. There are methods we can teach you that will allow you to resolve any such difficulties to the satisfaction of all. It is time to provide you with truth, facts, and technologies which will permit your communities to move forward successfully under the powerful sword of Truth, Love, humility, and of course, divine grace. We come to mentor your morphing societies and each of you, and this responsibility we gladly take on. We know that after a brief period of preparation you are to be returned to your former state of full 看房子consciousness, and so we regard this mentoring time as a grand teaching moment. You are to learn many things that may at first be quite shocking to you, but it needs to be done. Nearly 900,000 years ago you arrived on this world fully conscious and ready to do your part in maintaining this most sacred world. You also spread out to the other water worlds and together created a magnificent star-nation. The time comes for you to repeat this wonderful legacy and once more forge a grand star-nation. Your Agarthan brethren await your reunion with them, and so the time comes for action! Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! Around this beautiful world of yours a great rise in consciousness is taking shape. The dark's guns, police brutality, and even the use of blatant lies cannot stop this grand awakening. This growing global movement desires freedom, personal sovereignty, and prosperity for all. It does not buy into the dire warnings of monetary collapse or the threat of new wars which continuously reverberates around your globe. This movement is spiritual and it seeks peace and a new era of global cooperation. We are most impressed with its adherents' courage and persistence. These ones are destined to 土地買賣achieve their goals! We are supporting their staunch efforts by applying ever-heavier pressure to have the dark's minions abdicate their positions of power. We are confident that the time for these actions approaches and that the divine right time for a massive shift in your reality is upon you! This shift has been greatly boosted by the quantities of new energy flowing in ever-increasing amounts into your world. Your reality is collapsing and now desperately needs to redo itself into something quite different from what you now know. This need for change produces large earthquakes that have rocked your societies over the past half-decade, and more is expected unless you change the way your societies interact with Gaia. She is most respectful of your intentions and deeply wishes you to somehow reciprocate. She knows that only a drastic change in governance and general attitude can bring about this much-needed transformation. She sees this potential in your rising consciousness and heartily cheers you on. We also seek your victory and a full, kind, loving relationship with Gaia and her amazing spiritual entourage! The new energies are bringing forth a new reality which is a coup de gr歊e for the dark ones, 永慶房屋who realize more and more clearly that their fall is at hand. They are engaged simply in a holding action whose coherence weakens by the day. Moves are afoot to oust them from power, bring their injurious actions into the light of public scrutiny, and themselves to justice. Our sacred associates have personnel in place to man the new designate governments and the resources to ensure their success. What we all continue to wait upon is the divine right time chosen for us by Heaven. This coming time is to be a glorious present for humanity and the prologue to the mass landings and full consciousness. These are exciting times! From all of us, we bring you Blessings and divine grace. The Era of Light is upon us all! Today, we carried on our discussion of the many changes happening around your world. They are merely a beginning to what you are to experience shortly. We rejoice in all that is transpiring and eagerly anticipate the moment of disclosure and the start of first contact. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!) Website: Planetary Activation Organization 帶著更多有關你們的世住商房屋界和那神聖轉變的消息我們回來啦!伴隨著蓋亞更加接近轉變你們地表的現實,阿加森正盡他們所能防止黑暗勢力有任何捲土重來的希望。現在阿加森已經和我們的地球盟友組成了團隊,一個廣泛的計畫已經得到落實,這個計畫的第一部分是搗毀龐大的地下隧道網路和深海中的基地,這些曾經被各秘密政府所維持運行了數十年。這個主要的軍事行動已經完成。黑暗勢力已經損失了數萬關鍵人員,他們已經無法得到來自異國的研究科學家和技術人員的服務(注:可能指異星球技術)。除了這個,直到最近大量中級別人物的逮捕行動,使光明會人員變得很驚慌失措,他們現在知道離他們自己被逮捕已經很近了。那些曾經長期“管理”你們世界的人正看著時間快速的流逝,他們終將不得不面對大量的憤怒的民眾,這些民眾就是他們曾經傲慢的操作過的人。那個圍捕策略確實包括了這些“黑暗勢力的頭頭們”。 你們世界合法的執法機構目前正準備著根據法律令狀,逮捕數千與黑暗勢力的黑手和黑暗計畫最為接近的人。這份黑暗計畫曾經想讓你們的世界被捲入巨大的毀滅,將世界上的人口減少90%。這些無數的反人類罪行,以及與更龐大的細節被彙編在一起,再加上數以千計的證人在這些檔上的簽名,將成為大規模逮捕行動的法律基礎,這些都將在不久之後就被實施。一旦開始,類似紐倫堡審判的行動就將開始(注:紐倫堡審判是1945年11月20日到1946年10月1日第二次世界大戰結束之後在德國紐倫堡舉行的國際戰爭犯罪審判)。這些都將被電視轉播。公正的司法審判將是有目共睹太平洋房屋的,並且對所有人一切都是公平和透明的。另外,那些曾在過去的數十年中發生的事情的全貌需要公開告訴你們,這要求一些特殊的處理:只要一件事情就可以簡單描述出黑暗勢力行為上的恐怖,這樣做的另外一個背景是向你們解釋人類的每一個人是如何被阿努奇和他們的地球爪牙所操控的。 這將是一個業力清洗事件,讓你們為揭示地球真實的歷史做好準備,最終為讓你們返回蓋亞的神聖的恩典中設置好舞臺。你們已經被黑暗勢力們欺騙了數千年了。阿努奇人和黑暗地球爪牙們發現要操縱你們很容易;比如,迂回的吸引你們那公平的愛,吸引你們那一般的對善和勇敢的領導力的需求。結果就是那無休止的戰爭,仇恨的宣傳,“宗教”的發展設計了一個讓你們保持在戰爭和仇恨的遊戲中。這個被仔細調教的策略就像魔力一樣讓黑暗爪牙們持續掌控他們的權力。現在是時候去打破這個迴圈,找到一個基於真理的現實,最重要的,那就是基於神聖之愛。你們擁有一個對他人自然的,深刻的關懷之情,有一種團結在一起解決你們的社區問題的傾向。這是我們能夠教導你們的方法,這將允許你們解決任何困難,並讓所有人滿意。 現在是時候提供給你們真理,事實,和技術了,讓你們的社區能夠在有力的真理、愛、人性當然還有神聖恩典之劍下成功向前進。我們為了指導你們社會的變革,指導你們每一個人的發展而來,我們欣喜的接受了這份責任。我們知道在你們度過一段主要的準備階段以後你們就會返回你們之前的全意識狀態,因此我們將這個輔導時間看作是一個盛大的教學時刻東森房屋。你們將學習到很多事情,可能開始的時候你們會相當震驚,但這就是需要做的。大概90萬年以前你們以全意識狀態來到這個世界,準備著為了維持這個神聖的世界做你們該做的那部分事情。你們也曾經擴散到其他的有水世界中,並一起創造了一個宏偉的星際國度。現在是時候讓你們去重複這個神奇的傳統了,再一次的開拓一個盛大的星際國度。你們的阿加森兄弟姐妹們期待著與你們的重新團結,現在就是行動的時刻! 祝福!我們是你們的揚升大師!圍繞著你們這個美麗的世界,意識上的大幅度提高已經成型。黑暗勢力的槍,員警的暴行,甚至是陽謀的使用也無法阻止這宏偉的覺醒。持續增加的全球運動要求自由,個人權力,以及所有人的繁榮。貨幣崩潰的嚴重警告和新的戰爭的威脅繼續回蕩在你們的全球,但你們並沒有受到影響。這場運動是靈性的,她追求和平,追求一個全球合作的時代。我們對那些擁護者的勇氣和毅力有著時刻的印象。這些人在努力取得他們的目標!通過向那些黑暗爪牙要求他們放棄自己的權力施加更大的壓力,我們正在支持他們堅定的努力。我們相信這些行動的時間到了,一個偉大的轉變你們現實的神聖正確的時間點已近就在你們的眼前。 伴隨著大量不斷增加的新的能量流進你們的世界,轉變已經大大提高。你們的世界正在崩潰,正拼命地重塑自己,讓自己與你們現在知道的世界有相當的不同。這個轉變過程需要一些大的地震,這些大的地震在過去的五年中曾震撼你們的社會,而且未來會有更多,除非你們改變與蓋亞交流的方式。她是你們的意21世紀房屋仲介圖裡的最值得尊敬的存有,她深深的希望你們以某種方式回報。她知道只有政府和大眾態度的轉變才能帶來真正的轉變。她看到了你們持續提高的意識的潛力,並由衷的為你們歡呼。我們也正努力尋求你們最終的勝利,讓你們與蓋亞與她的令人驚奇的靈性環境建立起一種完全的,仁慈的,基於愛的關係。 新的能量帶來了新的現實,我們越來越清晰的意識到黑暗勢力的倒臺近在眼前。伴隨著他們的力量持續削弱,他們現在只是參與一些簡單的控股行動而已。運動正致力於將他們從權力之椅上拉下來,將他們的為害行動置於大眾的監督之下,並給運動擁護者們自己帶來正義。我們神聖的同事們在新的指定政府中有個人應該歸屬的位置,並且他們擁有資源去確保他們的成功。我們繼續等待的就是天堂給我們選擇的神聖的正確的時間點。這個正在到來的時刻是為全人類準備的一個光榮的禮物,是星球家人大規模登陸和返回全意識的序幕。這真是激動人心的時刻啊!我們揚升的大師都對你們致以深深的祝福並給予神聖的擁抱。充滿聖光的時代就在我們大家面前了! 今天,我們就你們世界發生的許多變化繼續展開了討論。這些不過是你們短期內經驗的開始而已。我們由衷的感到歡喜,並強烈期待著大揭露和第一次接觸開始的時刻。知道嘛,親愛的一們!天堂無限的供應和無止境的繁榮事實上屬於你們!就這樣吧,合一,歡慶! Website: Planetary Activation Organization

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